Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gift Card - EMPTY... and I LOVE IT!

So my boyfriend's mom gave
me a gift card this 
Christmas for Shopbop.
(Coolest lady ever, I know)
I've been having a hard time
choosing what I wanted to spend the money on,
seeing as I know It'll be
a while until I can
afford anything off this website again
and it just felt really awesome to know that after browsing 
 I could actually spend some moola.

Alas, the search was over when I saw these babies.
Clothes? No.
But I can make clothes!!!
Shoes on the other hand... 
are still a glorious mystery to me!

Say hello to my new Lovers!


  1. OMG I LOVE THOSE SHOES. I wish I could have justified the price tag, but instead I got the knockoffs from Target.

    Target didn't have that color though - gorgeous.

  2. :D It's all about the color... I totally agree about the price... Used my whole $200 gift card on them (bummer) but MY GOD... they are comfy and make everything in my closet look new again so I am so happy with the splurge!