Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello Fashion Rebels... 
As you can see The Rebels Residence has packed it's bags and moved it's booty to a better building - ""! 
I have finally given in to all the messages that said: 

"Burgundy, I love your blog but where can I COMMENT?"  or 
"How do I SUBSCRIBE to your Blog"  and the ever popular
"RSS!!! PLEASE!!!!" - that one coming from even my Uncle Michael in Texas. 

So yes here we are, and you know, I  have to admit, as much as I loved my blog being safely nestled away on my website, I'm actually very excited to join the "" community. There are some extraordinary business features that my website blog did not have and this makes it easier to meet other bloggers as well. So thanks for checking me out and being a Rebels Residence follower. 
Hope this is the beginning of a beautiful blogger friendship. 

Season 2 will premiere on FEBRUARY 12, 2011. So mark your calendars fashionistas! We've learned alot from Season 1 and are working very hard day and night to get everything perfect for this Season 2. 
So stay tuned and again, THANX FOR DROPPING BY :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


January 19, 2011 - One fashion goal of the year, B-SPOT MERCH! :D
Yes Rebels it's time! I've begun designing B-SPOT MERCH in the hopes of launching it this year and because stylish gals such as yourselves should NEVER look like they're wearing SWAG, I've been very careful to keep the T's hip, expensive looking and of course rebellious in design and fit. Featuring waterfall sleeves and the fashionable B-SPOT LOGO or a sleeve Cig Box (or mirror) holder on the Rebel's design, these T's are guaranteed to look fab under great jackets, indie cardigans or on their own. Of course you're the ultimate stylist when it comes to perfect pairings but rest assure, you'll be lookin' FEARLESS, FASHIONABLE and definitely FIRST TO MAKE THIS REBEL STATEMENT!
Here is a sneek peek. ;D 


January 17, 2011 - Golden Globe Fashion
Last night, the industry that keeps this great city alive celebrated the hard work of talented people in all aspects of film. The Golden Globes were full of beautiful faces, talented people and fabulous fashion. One of my favorite sites Who What Wear, showed it best this morning when giving a sneek peek of the wonderful fashion femmes that dawned the red carpet. Anne Hathaway, was by far the most gorgeous creature on the planet... and THAT DRESS! My god...she was perfection in Armani Prive.
As far as the men go... Trent Reznor, Industrial Rocker turned Score Composer, wore a modern Gentlemen's Tux like nobody else that night. Lord knows I've been with this man from the beginning and can't think of a better person to be recognized for his talent and creativity. Only thing is... I can't figure out WHO HE WAS WEARING. Anyone? If you know who made this wonderful suit, can you please MESSAGE ME.
I'm just dying to know and beaming with joy for his accomplishment. :)


January 12, 2011 - Fashion Photography, me likie.
The internet is full of gorgeous fashion photography. Hard thing is, you gotta know where to look, who to look for, when to look for it ect... I randomly found this pic online. If anyone knows who did this, photography-wise, photoshop-wise, model-wise ect... can you let me know? 
I think it's beautiful. :)


January 8, 2011 - BOWIE! Listen, Watch & Learn kids!
WAY BEFORE Gaga, even Madonna... way before all these manufactured pop stars of today... THERE WAS BOWIE! The true original! The one and only! The creative brilliance that has been copied, time and time again.
You have been a true inspiration to me musically and fashion wise and have yet to be surpassed in performance creativity in my book!


JANUARY 7, 2011 - New Year, New Color!
Well hello there fashion rebels!
Happy New Year to you all! It's nice to be back at my work desk fumbling away post vacation responsibilities and getting ready for the new season of THE B-SPOT. 
Fashion research has already begun and this year, I'm working on making THE B-SPOT even better than ever so that you can be inspired and even more ahead of all the fashionistas out there when stepping out in style.
That being said, looks like 2010 has come and gone and it's left me feeling VERY BLAH about being a blonde. Yes, sadly, Blonde has become a bit of a bore for me and although I NEVER QUITE SUCCEEDED in attaining the blonde that I ACTUALLY WANTED, I think I might be ready to move on!!!
But what color to choose???...
walking down the RUNWAYS OF PARIS! They've got me giddy with creative excitement and I'm very anxious to try a new look.
Not too sure what color I'm going to decide on yet, but I can guarantee you that it wont be ordinary as I tend to be a bit of an extremist when it comes to hair color.
BOLD & CHIC.... this is want I'm striving for...
I'm super excited and can't wait to get it done!


DECEMBER 19, 2010 - VACATION... whew... finally! :)
Well fashion rebels, it's vacation time and because I know myself, I took a solemn vow to give my body & mind the much needed rest and TLC they've been craving and avoid any and all sudden impulses to do anything that is to be construed as work or work realted. Any temptation I have to work will be joyfully diminished by family, friends and the ever popular holiday festivities I've grown to love when going to my 2nd hometown of La Conner, Washington.

That being said, I want you to know that with vacation, comes
I know it sounds crazy but that in it self stresses me out a bit and I'm trying my very best not to be weird or freak out about it. I wont be able to update my website or produce new episodes of THE B-SPOT and so with that, I will truly be forced to relax and enjoy my time away from work.

In other news, the 1st season of THE B-SPOT has come to an end and I want to thank everyone who supported me and my little ol' show these past few months. It's been quite a learning process. 

I want you all to know that I'm so grateful for you in my life because without you, I'd just be some crazy ol' fashion freak, talking to no one and obsessing over trends all by myself. lol. So thank you.
Also, thank you to everyone who reads my bloggy-blog from time to time. Especially those of you who I don't really know, but come to The Rebels Residence regularly and share a little part of your day with me and my fashion antics. Again, without you, I'd be writing word after word in an attempt to amuse an audience of 1... Me, proofreading the darn things... so again
thank you.
With that I want to wish you all a BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!
Have a dirty martini (GG/three olives) in spirit with me and cheers to
vacation and happiness!
(Messy make-up and hair, after a photoshoot...Gotta Love it) 


DECEMBER 15, 2010 - The B-Spot is for EVERYONE!
I've been away from my work desk this past week visiting my wonderful hometown of San Antonio, Texas and spending some quality time with my outrageously wonderful mommy.
While I was there, she asked me to get into her closet and put together an outfit for her annual Christmas Party! "Of Course!" I said, as I ran down the hall and practically ransacked her collection of clothes. (She's always been into clothes)

"I've been watching your show mija, and I've been buying things that I love and make me feel GOOD, just like you always say" she tells me. She pulls out a bunch of her favorite pieces and lays them out carefully on the bed and in no time at all I put together an outfit that she not only approves of but gets very excited to wear.
We did her eyes with bold shades of purples and splashed on her favorite shade of plum lipstick. She was so bold & beautiful and I was just SO PROUD OF HER that I couldn't wait to post this up for the world to see. Moms are so amazing and mine has always been a young and free spirit! I love her so much and feel so blessed to have such a strong woman in my life. :) Let's all raise a glass to the most amazing women on the planet...

Feisty as ever, mine grabs her silver clutch off the couch and says,
haha... now you see where I get it from?? ;)


DECEMBER 4, 2010 - The Paris Expereince
Hi & Hello to all the fashion rebels out there! As promised here's your B-SPOT COUPON good for 20% Off The Paris Experience. Have a wonderful time and please send The B-Spot some pics of your experience and fabulous new look! :)



DECEMBER 2, 2010 - Grey Boots & Booties! Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.So I've said it before and I'll say it again...when it comes to boots and booties black is so oh-hum! This season GREY is the color to buy and I'm just giddy over the great selcetion in stores right now. Here are 3 of my favs at 3 different price ranges! YUM!


NOVEMBER 29, 2010 - The New Edie & Twiggy Pixie CutThis week on The B-SPOT, Fashion Rebel, Val Suniga asked the ever present question..."Where have all the short haired models gone?
In response to her request, my pals at Toni & Guy help me to show her some sexy short styles with a little bit of 2010 edge.

This morning I woke up to see that The B-Spot is right on the money when it comes to The Pixie cut. Inspired by the revolution that was the mod era, The Pixie, is seeing both imitators and innovators. The NEW Edie & Twiggy cut is rooted in the timeless tradition that is The Pixie, but modernized by it's
longer pieces at the forehead and/or at the nape of the neck.
While celebrities are embracing tradition and staying true to the Pixie as it has always looked, refined, chic and makin' no apologies for the shortness.


November 27, 2010 - Short Hair, Office Wear & ScarvesToday on The B-SPOT Text-A-Stylist 2 answers all your fabulous fashion questions! We delve into the intrigue that is short hair, take the bore out of office wear and play with simple ways to wear scarves!

Also featuring MUSIC by yours truly and THE TURBAN I MADE THIS WEEK! Woo Hoo! :D
I originally challenged myself to make a turban on November 21 in the blog below. It was harder challenge than I thought and I definitely want to try again, but all n all, it was really fun to make and even more fun to wear. Keep those fashion questions coming and enjoy the show this week!
Inspiration for Turban = Burgundy Woods Design :D


NOVEMBER 26, 2010 - B-Spot Shot: Black Friday = All things must go! = Beware!Hi & hello fashion rebels! Burgundy Woods here sending out a B-SPOT SHOT (Helpful hints) for all you Black Friday Shoppers out there!
Tis the season that the clothing industry thrives off of your impulse buying. Try and remember trends you love or what you so desperately wished you had in those last minutes of getting ready for the night, and search for those things instead.
Best case senario - You find a gorgeous garment today that just knocks the breath right out of your gut and it just so happens to be 75% off... Hey, it could happen...It's happened to me! ;-)
Happy and WISE Hunting today!


NOVEMBER 21, 2010 - I LOVE TURBANS!Just got bebe's 40% off sales event flyer in the mail and it sparked a project that I have been meaning to do for a very long time... MAKE A TURBAN!!

I'm crazy about 
TURBANS and this flyer is a sure fire sign that I've waited way to long to get my hands workin on one. I'll start now and hopefully wear it on The B-SPOT this coming Saturday!
PAUL POIRET...INNER PAUL POIRET come in PLEASE!!... the meantime, if I happen to go shopping and find a bebe shopping bag in my hands with 2 new head peices in it... well...that will suit me just fine as well. ;D


NOVEMBER 19, 2010 - Black is Back...It's ALWAYS BACK!Does black ever REALLY go out of style? I don't think it does, and with all the trendy black must haves that came down the runways for this season, proof exists that you can never have enough.
Today on The B-SPOT, Black is the shadow shade of the moment and we explore the Top 6 Black Must-Haves for Winter 2010! Featuring such Noir Necessities as Lace, Leather and the NEW Smoky Cat-Eye you won't want to miss this. To Briefly re-cap here's what's in store.
Black Must-Have #1: The Blazer

Black Must-Have #2: Lace

Black Must-Have #3: The NEW Smoky Cat-Eye

Black Must-Have #4: Velvet

Black Must-Have #5: Nail Polish

& Finally
Black Must-Have #6: Leather
To see more garments and catch the full scoop on fashion's Top 6 Black Must-Have this season check out this week's B-SPOT and let the Shadow Shade Shopping begin! :D


NOVEMBER 17, 2010 - LANVIN FOR H&M? Ahhhh yes... finally.
I remember when McQueen teamed up with Target and hundreds of women camped out on Santa Monica and La Brea in the hopes of buying one of everything. I personally felt very disappointed with McQueen's "Line-for Less" and walked out of Target with nothing... but numerous girls FILLED THEIR CARTS with everything and anything they could get their hands on and it was mass hysteria all around... video clips made the evening news...catfights over pushing and shoving incidents...It was total madness. Although I absolutely love McQueen, his Line-For-Less, aside from one dress in particular, was definitely nothing to push and shove about. Consumers were completely blinded by his celebrity and brand name and forgot to LOOK AT THE ACTUAL CLOTHES! Good for Target - bad for closets!

Not since then did my anticipation for a Line-For-Less eat away at my fashion patience... only this time, H&M is the store, LANIN IS THE DESIGNER and I'm in love with multiple pieces already. I'm hoping the fit is as good as it looks and I'm praying that I don't become one of those mad women fighting for garments and trampling over the H&M employee come "open-door for business" time. ;-)

If you don't have H&M where your from, you can check out the video here. It's shot as a mini movie, is quite creative and very enticing. I love it! ... and by the way...When Im 80 years old, I'm going to be EXACTLY like the old woman in this video. EXACTLY!
Lanvin for H&M November 23, 2010


November 15, 2010 - Healthy Body & Healthy FashionKarl Lagerfeld once said,
"The perfect foundation to a perfect ensemble is a healthy body". -Karl Lagerfeld
For today's blog I'm featuring a close friend of mine who has a lot of answers and fantastic info on how to be the healthiest self you can be so you can flaunt the gorgeous creature that you are.

When he's not on stage fronting rock band 
The RapScallions, Ben Hanley is busy in a gym or continuing his education in fitness. Since living out here in Hollywood, I've seen this guy transform from an average sized man into the fit and healthy Fitness Guru that you see today... and I'm not kidding... He's the real deal. On evenings we engage in a fabulous night out in Hollywood, he'll bring over a huge barrel of protein powder or a healthy substitute to eat after the bars have closed and WE'RE all busy ordering from the drive through window...NO JOKE ;-)
Now that this guy's learned so much, he's graciously started up a blog and now offers his juicy secrets, recipes and guidelines on how to keep yourself healthy and in tip-top shape. His specialty is men and men's health but there is amazing information that will relate to anyone involved in any kind of work out regime and it's definitely worthy of a tab on your bookmark bar.
To find his blog click here or on his picture in my "These People Rock" section.
Here's to being Fearless, being Fashionable AND being FIT!


NOVEMBER 13, 2010 - SIZZLING SEQUINSYOU CAN'T TELL ME YOU "DON'T LIKE SEQUINS!" These delicious little disks have been enhancing clothing since 2500BC and show no sign of ever going out of style or loosing their impact to attract the eye.
Today on The B-SPOT we delve into the allure that is Sequins and explore Dresses, Accessories & MY FAVORITE SEQUINED TREND this season, CASUAL SEPARATES!
On the High-Fashion holiday scene, my FAVORITE SEQUINED dresses come from my favorite Design House, BALMAIN (of course). With just the right amount of edge and femininity, these dresses are, in my opinion, the alpha gowns that set the bar. Not only are they stunning to look at, they are also on every magazines, "MUST HAVE FOR COVER" list and it's not hard to see why.
NOVEMBER 13, 2010 - SIZZLING SEQUINSYOU CAN'T TELL ME YOU "DON'T LIKE SEQUINS!" These delicious little disks have been enhancing clothing since 2500BC and show no sign of ever going out of style or loosing their impact to attract the eye.
Today on The B-SPOT we delve into the allure that is Sequins and explore Dresses, Accessories & MY FAVORITE SEQUINED TREND this season, CASUAL SEPARATES!
On the High-Fashion holiday scene, my FAVORITE SEQUINED dresses come from my favorite Design House, BALMAIN (of course). With just the right amount of edge and femininity, these dresses are, in my opinion, the alpha gowns that set the bar. Not only are they stunning to look at, they are also on every magazines, "MUST HAVE FOR COVER" list and it's not hard to see why.

The "Style For Less" headline is pretty amusing to me considering that the dress Anne so beautifully models is worth $10,085. Those are some expensive sequins & beads. Still, It's gorgeous! and the styling makes me want to Go BRUNETTE AGAIN - but that's a whole other blog all together. If dramatic entrances are thing this Holiday season, go pick up a Sequined number ASAP! I'm very sure that you won't be disappointed!


NOVEMBER 9, 2010 - Post Pregnancy Belly? NO POST PREGNANCY PROBLEM! :)Very recently "Rebel" Lola Sims, from Salem, Oregon, wrote into The B-Spot and asked me a question so enticing, I couldn't help but not only answer the question but also make this a design challenge. After using the measurements she gave me I did my best to create a mock up of something appropriate for her body type and vital in solving her temporary fashion dilemma. Thank you Lola for educating me on a realistic fashion situation that may affect the other FABULOUS FASHION REBELS that roam the world. :)


NOVEMBER 8, 2010 - meanwhile...catching up on movies...catching up on life
Sometimes, things happen with such timing that it makes you wonder if you weren't destined to "be there at that exact moment" or "miss that bus and bump into that stranger". During a malfunction with my Netflix and PS3 system the movie Julie & Julia started to play. Being that I have been meaning to give ghost-hunting shows a rest I decided to continue watching and enjoy the intoxicating experience that is Meryl Streap. Not even 15 minutes into this movie I felt an amazing connection with the story and began to wonder if I wasn't destined to "Watch this movie" and have a moment of self-recollection.
A gal about my age, kind of lost, knowing her true passion but for one reason or another not going for it; all the while the story of legend Julia Child paralleling the whole tale. It was remarkable to watch and seemed to somewhat resemble the amazingly risky turn I have taken in my personal life.
Now granted my "terrible office job" was the music industry, and my "cooking" is fashion, but I know the feling of dreading to go to work in the morning. I know the feeling of, "THIS ISN'T ME, what am I doing with my life?" I know the sensation of having a horribly disappointed opinion of myself and hardly recognizing who I see in the mirror.
I guess before I was clouded by money and the rat race to be successful... I found it easier to be "realistic" and settle for stability; just as long as my bank account spilled over and I had full benefits. Back then, I found myself saying, "this is only for now" just to realize a year had past and I was still working in the Music Industry and pretending Fashion wasn't all that important to me.
I know now, because of this wonderful movie, that I am not alone; we sometimes get lost but it's never too late to reach for our dreams.
 The strangest little things in this movie made me shed a tear (or two...three). Not exactly the predictable tear triggers you'd expect, but still, just as powerful due to my current life choice I suppose. For example, watching Julia (Meryl) light up with joy when she first started the cooking class with all those judgmental men... or seeing her walk on thin air down the cobble stones of France while shopping for supplies...witnessing her face the moment she got recognized for her hard work and was published. These moments were beaming from her face with the light of spirit, purpose and attained destiny... and it was so enlightening to see.

For so long I had wondered if I'd ever graduate from fashion school, or have the time and money to learn my craft. I wondered if I'd ever feel the way I did when I actually had the honor of attending college or graduating college for that matter...For so long I wondered if I'd ever feel like ME the ME I knew but somehow lost along the way.
Recently, with my graduating from FIDM, developing my professional website, writing my blog and producing THE B-SPOT, I finally feel like ME again...and it's apretty good feeling indeed. :)
When I design clothes, put projects together or style someone in need of some TLC...I feel like Julia in her cooking class; I feel like a Julie starting her cooking blog, I feel like...ME...the me who's finally come out of her coma and is so happy to be alive.
For now, I am still living out the humble beginning scenes of this movie. Like Julie, I don't know if anyone's is out there reading my weekly posts. I'm not too sure if anyone watches my show besides some of my online community pals; but nothing beats the happiness I feel knowing that when I wake up in the morning I have a full day of fashion waiting for me.
Perfecting my craft and engaging in creative projects have saved my soul from diminishment and if there's one thing I've learned from Julie & Julia it's that if you do what you LOVE everyday, all you were chasing before will come naturally. At this point, I can't help but think to myself, "MY GOD - WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER!"
You see, I may not have a "publisher" knocking on my door, or have "65" phone messages asking for my work, but because of this movie, I'm not afraid to believe and carry wonderful hope in my pocket or wearing it in plain sight on my sleeve.
A natural willingness to work really hard and produce a product that you love is a powerful recipe for success, and all I can do is be the best version of my self that I can be while working really really hard to attain the ultimate dream.
I see that now because of this wonderful little film and I want to thank you Hollywood. Thank you for making a movie with substance and relatable meaning to us all...and thank you Julia, for being a pioneering woman that I love, look up to and respect from the deepest corners of my heart. Your story has changed my life and encouraged the creativity that is currently saving my life.


NOVEMBER 7, 2010 - DVF and her fabulous Pink shade for Spring 2011...and speaking of Make-Up, here's a sneak peak and DVF's Top Spring Pink lip color for SPRING 2011...cause you know us fashion professionals are always working a year or two ahead ;)


NOVEMBER 6, 2010 - Haute Holiday Eyes!I LOVE the holiday season! There's joy in the air and holiday parties to look forward this time Fall Fashion is in full swing and make-up takes a glamorous turn for the bold & unexpected! It's the one time of year that even the most
fashionably shy say "HELLO! I WEARING SEQUINS!" and the most frugal of shoppers shout "THAT'S RIGHT! I'M WEARING AN EXPENSIVE DRESS!" :)
To kick off The B-Spot Holiday Season we take a look at Make up and the BOLD EYE COLOR Trend going on this year.
My friends at Sephora, Urban Decay, MAC and Nars help me to show you My TOP 3 HAUTE HOIDAY COLORS FOR YOUR EYES that are gauranteed to make your eyes take center stage.
Looks like the old smokey-eye's got some competition this year. Oh Yea! ;)



OCTOBER 31, 2010 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!Just got done making my JEM Halloween costume. It came out alright but note to self... Don't wait til the day of to make your Halloween costume! he. he.
Happy Halloween EVERYONE!! 


OCTOBER 30, 2010 - GORILLAZ TOTALLY ROCKED!!!Indeed, Cali folks are quite creative. This past Wednesday was the Gorillaz concert here in L.A. and I must say, WHAT A FUN FASHION FRENZY IT WAS! Universal City Walk was filled with costume-clad fans & great vibes all around and I suspect it wasn't just because Halloween is right around the corner.
It was REALLY TOUGH trying to pick out my favorite animated band inspired get-up, but as my eyes wondered through the blackness of the venue shadows, the MOST AMAZING
"done-it-myself" Goggles Hat emerges from the darkness.

The styling was perfection, due to the awesome curled locks of hair surrounding it, no doubt; and the interpretation from "animated headwear" to "real-life accessory" was too fantastic to not mention, let alone ignore. 
"I found both pieces separately" Zach Bering from San Francisco says; and after his amused permission, I carefully snag the hat off his head and immediately TRY IT ON! What followed is the classical conditioning of online community obsessions:
Took a pic... mobile post to Facebook...catchy comment titling the moment.
(what else did you expect me to do?) LOL. 
Later that evening, while screaming during a glorious string section performance,
the beautiful blue glow of the stage reminds me of my other favorite fashion moment of the evening. While grabbing a beer at concessions, shiny blue footwear catches the corner of my eye. I grab my receipt and run after the stylish innocent bystander. Curiously tap her on the shoulder and upon closer inspection of her shoes, my stomach flutters with excitement. 
Hand beaded wedges?? OH MY! OH MY! :-) "My aunt took an old pair of my shoes and hand-beaded the top" she, informs me, then flashes a gorgeous BRIGHT RED LIPPED smile. She politely poses her foot just so, as the flash from my camera illuminates the moment and then we generously engage in fashion conversation.

Yes, it's true, there are indeed some very creative folks out here in Cali, and the GORILLAZ put on one HELL OF A SHOW... but I suspect that when it comes down to personal expression through the art of clothing,
The GORILLAZ that night WERE L.A.'S overall BEST DRESSED!