Sunday, January 30, 2011


DECEMBER 15, 2010 - The B-Spot is for EVERYONE!
I've been away from my work desk this past week visiting my wonderful hometown of San Antonio, Texas and spending some quality time with my outrageously wonderful mommy.
While I was there, she asked me to get into her closet and put together an outfit for her annual Christmas Party! "Of Course!" I said, as I ran down the hall and practically ransacked her collection of clothes. (She's always been into clothes)

"I've been watching your show mija, and I've been buying things that I love and make me feel GOOD, just like you always say" she tells me. She pulls out a bunch of her favorite pieces and lays them out carefully on the bed and in no time at all I put together an outfit that she not only approves of but gets very excited to wear.
We did her eyes with bold shades of purples and splashed on her favorite shade of plum lipstick. She was so bold & beautiful and I was just SO PROUD OF HER that I couldn't wait to post this up for the world to see. Moms are so amazing and mine has always been a young and free spirit! I love her so much and feel so blessed to have such a strong woman in my life. :) Let's all raise a glass to the most amazing women on the planet...

Feisty as ever, mine grabs her silver clutch off the couch and says,
haha... now you see where I get it from?? ;)

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