Sunday, January 30, 2011


NOVEMBER 17, 2010 - LANVIN FOR H&M? Ahhhh yes... finally.
I remember when McQueen teamed up with Target and hundreds of women camped out on Santa Monica and La Brea in the hopes of buying one of everything. I personally felt very disappointed with McQueen's "Line-for Less" and walked out of Target with nothing... but numerous girls FILLED THEIR CARTS with everything and anything they could get their hands on and it was mass hysteria all around... video clips made the evening news...catfights over pushing and shoving incidents...It was total madness. Although I absolutely love McQueen, his Line-For-Less, aside from one dress in particular, was definitely nothing to push and shove about. Consumers were completely blinded by his celebrity and brand name and forgot to LOOK AT THE ACTUAL CLOTHES! Good for Target - bad for closets!

Not since then did my anticipation for a Line-For-Less eat away at my fashion patience... only this time, H&M is the store, LANIN IS THE DESIGNER and I'm in love with multiple pieces already. I'm hoping the fit is as good as it looks and I'm praying that I don't become one of those mad women fighting for garments and trampling over the H&M employee come "open-door for business" time. ;-)

If you don't have H&M where your from, you can check out the video here. It's shot as a mini movie, is quite creative and very enticing. I love it! ... and by the way...When Im 80 years old, I'm going to be EXACTLY like the old woman in this video. EXACTLY!
Lanvin for H&M November 23, 2010

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