Sunday, January 30, 2011


OCTOBER 22, 2010 - Help The Homeless By Choice TourIt's quite clear that I'm passionate about fashion, but all fashion aside,
I am equally as passionate about LEARNING and HIGHER EDUCATION!
My friend Roy Juarez Jr. and his Homeless by Choice Tour is trying to get on Good Morning America and he needs our help!! Growing up as homeless teenager due to domestic violence, Roy has managed to overcome adversity, graduate college and is now circling the country with his Homeless by Choice Tour. The tour will cover 300 cities and aims to inspire 100,000 youth to dream big, treasure life, and aim for a higher education! Every presentation is PROBONO! The tour survives by honorariums & donations alone. He needs help to continue this amazing quest and we can help by WRITING TO GOOD MORNING AMERICA here.
Tell Good Morning America about Roy! Feel free to Copy, rework & paste what I have written. It only takes a minute.
To read more about Roy and the Homeless by choice tour, go to this link
Please help spread the word on ALL OF YOU ONLINE COMMUNITY SITES! Our youth are the future and higher education is the greatest blessing they can give themselves.
Please Help!

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