Sunday, January 30, 2011


OCTOBER 17, 2010 - Clara Bow, my "It Girl" for years.
So it seems that Clara Bow is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Being a fan of her grace and beauty for years, I'm surprised that people havn't made her a household name sooner. Seems that while a "small" piece of me wants to KEEP CLARA ALL TO MYSELF, I couldn't help but FLIP over Nylon Magazine's mention of her. The styling of the model was so inspired and I just can't stop looking at this gorgeous picture. Looks like I have the perfect calender girl for my favorite month of October, maybe even all year.
And speaking of the the 20's styling, the neck piece on our "Clara model" has given you a "HINT-HINT" as to what we will be talking about on The B-SPOT this weekend. Think "FUR"-ocious Trends and you will be right on the money. ;-)

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