Sunday, January 30, 2011


NOVEMBER 19, 2010 - Black is Back...It's ALWAYS BACK!Does black ever REALLY go out of style? I don't think it does, and with all the trendy black must haves that came down the runways for this season, proof exists that you can never have enough.
Today on The B-SPOT, Black is the shadow shade of the moment and we explore the Top 6 Black Must-Haves for Winter 2010! Featuring such Noir Necessities as Lace, Leather and the NEW Smoky Cat-Eye you won't want to miss this. To Briefly re-cap here's what's in store.
Black Must-Have #1: The Blazer

Black Must-Have #2: Lace

Black Must-Have #3: The NEW Smoky Cat-Eye

Black Must-Have #4: Velvet

Black Must-Have #5: Nail Polish

& Finally
Black Must-Have #6: Leather
To see more garments and catch the full scoop on fashion's Top 6 Black Must-Have this season check out this week's B-SPOT and let the Shadow Shade Shopping begin! :D

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