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OCTOBER 30, 2010 - GORILLAZ TOTALLY ROCKED!!!Indeed, Cali folks are quite creative. This past Wednesday was the Gorillaz concert here in L.A. and I must say, WHAT A FUN FASHION FRENZY IT WAS! Universal City Walk was filled with costume-clad fans & great vibes all around and I suspect it wasn't just because Halloween is right around the corner.
It was REALLY TOUGH trying to pick out my favorite animated band inspired get-up, but as my eyes wondered through the blackness of the venue shadows, the MOST AMAZING
"done-it-myself" Goggles Hat emerges from the darkness.

The styling was perfection, due to the awesome curled locks of hair surrounding it, no doubt; and the interpretation from "animated headwear" to "real-life accessory" was too fantastic to not mention, let alone ignore. 
"I found both pieces separately" Zach Bering from San Francisco says; and after his amused permission, I carefully snag the hat off his head and immediately TRY IT ON! What followed is the classical conditioning of online community obsessions:
Took a pic... mobile post to Facebook...catchy comment titling the moment.
(what else did you expect me to do?) LOL. 
Later that evening, while screaming during a glorious string section performance,
the beautiful blue glow of the stage reminds me of my other favorite fashion moment of the evening. While grabbing a beer at concessions, shiny blue footwear catches the corner of my eye. I grab my receipt and run after the stylish innocent bystander. Curiously tap her on the shoulder and upon closer inspection of her shoes, my stomach flutters with excitement. 
Hand beaded wedges?? OH MY! OH MY! :-) "My aunt took an old pair of my shoes and hand-beaded the top" she, informs me, then flashes a gorgeous BRIGHT RED LIPPED smile. She politely poses her foot just so, as the flash from my camera illuminates the moment and then we generously engage in fashion conversation.

Yes, it's true, there are indeed some very creative folks out here in Cali, and the GORILLAZ put on one HELL OF A SHOW... but I suspect that when it comes down to personal expression through the art of clothing,
The GORILLAZ that night WERE L.A.'S overall BEST DRESSED!

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