Sunday, January 30, 2011


OCTOBER 16, 2010 - The B-Spot: BOOTS! BOOTS! BOOTS!So today on The B-Spot, we got down with some boots. To briefly recap, THIGH HIGHS are definitely the #1, posh way to go.
If you're still worried about going the distance, opt for a THIGH HIGH flat boot or maybe go for BOOTIES instead. SLOUCHY styles and COMBATS are also in vogue, but if your gonna do a predictable KNEE HIGH, opt for an ELECTRIC COLOR to stay edgy and ahead of the crowd. HARNESS & RIDER boots are the answer to your "UGHH! UGG"! prayers, but if your dead set on wearing UGGS please check out their more stylish designs.
Rockport is also a new option when looking for sexy walkable boots this season. I, personally am waiting for a Thigh High Rockport style, until then..."beauty is adaptability". ;)
If you really want to be edgy, try Campers Heels. You'll recognize them by their hybrid appearance; Outdoor Recreation Boot + Sexy City Flair. 

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