Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ashen Trend. 2013

Submitted for your approval...
The "Ashen" trend is this season's nod to the darker, more Neo-Gothic side of Spring/Summer.
Reminiscent of a wife for Rod Serling, this trend displays tones like smoldering cinders and scorched textures, bringing forth dusty shades for a more somber approach.

Miu Miu, weighs in with patterns similar to the sky during an electrical storm, and swirls echoing the beauty of the Milky Way. Lips were kept nude and balanced with contouring of the cheek bones. 
Prada's interpretation of the trend displayed a minimal floral statement with boxy silhouettes.
Try to style your bangs with styling wax and pair it with a scarlet lip. Also keep footwear white or silver for added "Ashen" drama.
At  Kimberly Orvitz, watercolor strokes come in greys and whites and for a bit of unexpected color, try some black paired with rusted golds both on a relaxed fit outfit and on the eyelids. 


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