Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Subnation Trend. 2013

Somewhere between kaleidoscopic geometrics and unconventional-traditional prints, 
the "Subnation" trend has it's home in colorful combos.
WARNING: This trend is not for the style rookie! 
With a recipe calling for a dash of "LOUD" and sprinkle of "I TAKE RISKS", this trend beckons
Fashion Rebels all over the world, to try this fabulous, art deco approach.

Some hints from the pros:
At Dries Van Noten, Plaid was taken to a new level of hip when combined with, 
wait for it...
Also elevating these cheeky checkers were floral pieces, oversized envelope bags and ray bans. 
Meanwhile, Kenzo, Maarten Van Der Horst and Carlos Miele, attempted to bring some surreal interest back into animal print by enlarging or blurring the ubiquitous shapes. Different shades of yellows and golds were favored, and you might want to try pairing it with very RED Lipstick. Looks incredible.
And finally, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hermes and Spjkers offered most influence over this trend, flaunting unapologetic combos of oversized shapes and color blocking. For the gal who wears her hair "down" way too often, try a colorful turban with heavy eye-make instead. You'll be surprised at the compliments you receive.

I, for one, find "Subnation" exciting!
 It IS contemporary art month in San Antonio.
If there ever was a time to try this trend - NOW WOULD BE IT!
Ok... where's my San Antonio Current? 
Need to find a fabulous event wear it to.


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